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Presenting Preppy Cup an Educational cup, Not a sippy cup!

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Our range of sippy cups is carefully designed to help your baby develop grown-up drinking skills without the spills

Welcome to Preppy Cup, a true open learning cup which promotes early hand-eye coordination. Preppy Cup teaches children to drink out of an open cup at an early stage of development and helps advance appropriate table manners. Make Your Toddler A Preppy Cup Kid.

Main Reasons Our Parents Choose Preppy Cup Over a Sippy Cup:

  • Promotes proper small-tooth growth and lessens the likelihood of speech development problems.
  • Helps toddlers advance the ability and confidence to drink from a normal cup earlier on.
  • Develops early muscular hand-eye coordination.

Preppy Cup Fun Features:

Preppy Cup was designed with fun in mind. The two humps at the top back of the cup were designed to allow the character's faces with round ears or eyes to conform with this unique design. They will all have the Preppy Cup Trademark Bow Tie and Red Tongue and their own special names. Preppy Cup has no spout and requires no sucking action. It is truly an open training cup. It is the only training cup of its type sold today. It will require a few tries to master the use of a Preppy Cup. It has been 100% tested and its ease of use has been proven.

Make Your Child A Preppy Cup Kid:

This product is made with the utmost care and quality, keeping concern for your child as the highest priority in the development of our product.